04.12.2018  die Babies sind da  und die kleinen Hunde sind auf Pflegestellen

Unsere trächtige Hündin hat 9 Babies zu Welt gebracht. Sie wurden alle aus dem  Mülltierheim zusammen mit den ganzen kleinen Hunden raus geholt und auf Pflegestellen verteilt bis sie  ausreisen können.




etwas besser mittlerweile.........

es sind zwischen  Minus 14 bis Minus 20 Grad immerhin konnten wir die Hunde etwas versorgen mit  Stroh , Futter und nach und nach mit medizinischer Versorgung, dazu wird Geld benötigt, wer was spenden kann bitte tut es jeder Euro ist willkommen. Wir haben keiner Pflegestellen frei wo die Hunde sonst hin können daher müssen wir uns in dem Mülltierheim so gut es geht behelfen. Hier ein paar Fotos für Euch.  Stroh wurde auch geliefert


Paypal  hundehilfeluckystray@gmx.de   ( Spendenquittung auf Wunsch)


Hi Friends...
So this is the very important next step for the angels still in the Garbage Shelter....We don't have places to take them, but can begin their prep if we have the funds. 🙏🙏🙏
We have papers in for the 4 smallest, short haired angels to be released asap...and 27 dear souls will remain in there.
To help them the best we can we need to get them 'Dewormed, Chipped and vaccinated..with Rabies also'...so that if any are lucky enough to get an offer of foster or a home, they will be ready for the first transport in the New year. <3
Each angel needs £35 for the vet package above.
Any donation towards one dog is a massive help.. it can be a pound.. it all helps.. paypal is donations@hopeforanimals.co.uk
I dearly want ALL these dogs out by January. Then we can close the GS until the spring. This arctic weather is impossible for these babies :( ❄️💨🌨☃️
We thank you ALL so much for helping us to save these angels... they are all friendly beautiful souls, still with hope in their hearts that life will get better for them

Auch mal was sehr schönes

Und jetzt auch mal was schönes. Die beiden blinden Hunden Blanca und Minnow aus dem Mülltierheim sind glücklich und zufrieden in England auf Pflegestellen.. Vielen Dank an Blind Rescue UK

Amongst the stress and worry, it's nice to have a smile.. The two angels we rescued in August from the GS, Blind girls that broke our hearts... Blanca and Minnow... have arrived in UK foster homes. Huge thanks to all who have made this possible ... Now to settle angels and be safe and loved for the rest of your lives <3 <3
Special thanks to Blind Dog UK who funded these dear soul

Die nächsten die gerettet werden

Das sind die nächsten 7 Hunde die wir holen ... wir werden sie in den nächsten paar Tagen rausbringen ... zusammen mit weiteren 12
In einer Woche konnten wir also 27 Hunde herausholen
Natürlich werden Spenden benötigt, um ihnen und den verbleibenden zu helfen, bis sie an der Reihe sind.
Jede Hilfe kann für sie geschickt werden ... und wir bedanken uns bei allen so sehr <3

paypal hundehilfeluckystray@gmx.de (Spendenquittung auf Wunsch)
oder direkt an Debbie Evans Donations@hopeforanimals.co.uk ( keine Spendenquittung möglich)

These are the next 7 desperate angels... we will have them out in the next couple days..... along with another 12 to a rescue and 3 more to us <3
So in one week we will have been able to get 27 dogs out <3
Of course FUNDS will be needed to help them and the remaining ones until it is their turn to be released.
Any help can be sent for them... and we thank you all so very much <3
YOU all make this possible x



UPDATE The fact is that the meeting with the authorities had a positive result, and they are willing to work with us. There will be other discussions ... but at least we know where we go, the lawyer and Mircea will set out details, negotiating the criteria for collaboration.
So we can hope more than ever.
Tatsache ist, dass das Treffen mit den Behörden ein positives Ergebnis hatte und sie bereit sind, mit uns zusammenzuarbeiten. Es wird noch Diskussionen geben ... aber zumindest wissen wir, wohin wir gehen, der Rechtsanwalt und Mircea werden Einzelheiten festlegen und die Kriterien für die Zusammenarbeit aushandeln.
Wir können also mehr hoffen als je zuvor.



Hi all
We have some good news for you all
The meeting went very well .. The vice Mayor listened to the Lawyer and Mircea .. and then discussions with Boro and Amil...Mihaela, Julie, Lisa, Dawn and I ...and Mars came to translate the important bits for me..
They accept they are in big trouble.. and the Mayor was happy we are willing to help get this mess sorted.
We have been granted access to all 57 dogs, we are able to take them without THEIR VET spaying or touching them, we can use our vets ( a huge relief!)
We have straw in the houses, the roofs are closed, and no more dogs will have ear tags if we can chip them.
We will vaccinate and find fosters/homes for them. We still have to put paperwork in for them to release them.
They have been told to work with us, until such time as their bankruptcy is finalised or the court case, whichever comes first.
Then there will be a possibilty of us working with the town (I assume Vice Mayor) to take control of the towns dogs via the GS. Conditions are being written up by Mircea and the lawyer... for this to happen would be amazing but will also need committed funds as we would be in charge of the workers...but that means we choose and pay them...
We have taken 7 angels out.. and hope to put paperwork in for a few more for next week, Once our darling dogs have all travelled
We are all very tired, but very relieved this has gone so well...On arriving Thursday it was a very different reception at the shelter and we were looked upon as monsters! Allowed to do nothing.... no in the pens, no feeding, nothing!
Now they have to be compliant with what we want .........
The relief here after the meeting.......And breathe!


Foto von links nach rechts:. Mihaela, Mars(Local friend who translated for me at the meeting), Mircea (President of FPAM..Romanian animal welfare), Me, Lisa & Dawn (Friends from UK who came to help us and fnd rescu spaces for the most in need)

22.11.2018 Ankunft in Targu Neamt

Debbie, Julie, Dawn und Lisa  sind in Targu Neamt angekommen. Heute wird Mr. Mircea kommen und es findet um 8.OO Uhr mit dem Bürgermeister ein Treffen statt.......Drücken wir unseren Helfern die  Daumen dass die Umstände der 57 Hunde verbessert werden und die kleinen Hunde die teilweise schon krank sind durch die Kälte etc. aus dem Tötungscamp holen können




Team England ist angekommen..... Updates folgen nach dem Treffen heute früh.

We arrived safely... lots of snow.. went to the shelter... just before it was closing, to find the worker, sat in his car down by the road, nowhere near the shelter.
We want to take all the smalls out, some are sick ith temps now.. begging at the fence, the other were curled in balls trying to keep warm.. it is heart breaking...but the minute we become criminals all the last 14 months is lost. Believe me I want them fed and out more than all put together..but getting one, seven or 57 isnt going to help tonight.. tomorrow they will get 57 more.
Mircea is here planning the meeting with them and the mayor tomorrow...we can not look deserate because then they know they can play on our love of the dogs...
They want us to drop thte trials...because they know they will jailed. But there is no time for the case to be heard yet as you know :/

We will be there at 7'45 before they get there at 8.. to watch the pathetic excuses sift through the 4 bales of hay they have put there ready to put in today... just before the meeting so they say t the mayor and DSV, Look there is hay and food... so we have all the evidence of tonight and Mircea took photos as evidence also all our pics and clips, but it was too dark really. I asked if I could put it in tonight, now, and he screamed NO it may have ticks in it, and they have to sift throught all in the morning before it can be put in! We will watch them do this! Imbeciles!
He said the roofs are open because it is to 'let air in'.... in -3 degrees! I told him exactly what I thought of him! Twat!
They have told mihaela if she wants the 7 dogs they will spay them tomorrow at the GS! Knowing they can keep then 3 days and they will die.
If we take the paperwork out, they will die.. so we will be there to stop any vet touching the dogs. I personally think it is a huge bluff!
Meeting at 1pm with them the Mayor and the dsv. Mircea and our lawyer will represent all of us...

At this minute they are refusing us to fee, or go in the pens.. well the uneducated idiot worker is... he needs sacking on the spot and beating aroud the head. Vile man,,
I will tell you how it goes today xxx

November 2018 Team aus England wird nach Targu Reisen und versuchen die  Angelegenheiten vor Ort zu klären und zu helfen


Die Geduld hat ein Ende und ein Team aus England wird Targu Neamt besuchen, Termine beim Bürgermeister , CIU usw. sind angekündigt. Das Maß ist voll, somit wird man jetzt vor Ort nach Möglichkeit die Situation klären. Debbie Evans wird mit weiteren Helfern,Julie, Lisa and Dawn in Kürze aufbrechen.

Wer noch was spenden möchte damit Futter , Stroh usw. in vor Ort besorgt werden kann , kann dies gern unter PayPal: hundehilfeluckystray@gmx.de tun wir leiten es sofort weiter


HINWEIS:    SOS / Tötungen /UPDATES  = Information über Gerichtsverhandlung gegen Betreiber des Mülltierheims





Unterkünfte für die Hunde aus der Tötung auf Privatgrundstück

Die Hunde können rennen und haben  Hundehütten , genug Futter, Pflege und können sich bis zur Vermittlung gut erholen.